June 2012 Newsletter

by Ryan Schmidt [Hidden Trails] 06/19/2012
Summer - here we come !  
-- Enjoy on & with Hidden Trails
  June 2012 Newsletter  

Spring in the Pacific North West had all time record low temperatures - I don't know about you, but I am ready for Summer ! We will be checking out some trips in Europe in July and then again in September and I am personally very tempted to go back to Mexico this fall ... I just can't get enough of it Mexico's landscapes, weather, people and the horses.
The upcoming rides in Chiaps, Mexico, are extraordinary riding adventures that should not be missed. Both trips on July 15 and July 29 are confirmed and have space for a few more riders !  It has everything .... Culture, Breathtaking Landscapes, Great Horses and wonderful guides !

Of course we are also working on our Facebook Fan Page (almost 15.000 Fans) and our website. Have you seen the latest improvements?  We have installed a "Favorite" feature that lets you save trips in a "basket" that you can view any time you like, send to your friends or print as a PDF brochure.

  on horseback in Central Spain with Hidden Trails  
on horseback in soutehr Mexico - Chiapas.
-- a few spaces are still available for our July 15 and July 29 riding tours in Chiapas !

Special Offers:
Check our pages for trips with reduced rates

Yukon Wilderness Horseback Expedition
Yukon, Canada
20% OFF for Sept 7 departure - limited time offer !
10 days / 9 nights, regular rate $3,290

Land of the Giants - Tuli Riding Safari
Mashatu, Botswana
$500 OFF for June or July trips.
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $3,700

Medicine Lodge Horse Drive
Idaho, USA
$260 Discount pp - limited time offer
7 days / 6 nights, regular rate $1,300

Banff - Wilderness Tenting Ride
AB, Canada
20% Discount for July 4 to 9, 2012 - limited time offer
6 days / 5 nights, regular rate $1,370

Appalachian Gourmet Ride
PQ, Canada
10% OFF for reservations with 2+ riders
7 days / 6 nights, regular rate $1,095

Added New Rides:
As always we strive to offer the widest selection of trips all over the world at the most competitive rates. We continuously work on making the search for your perfect trip as easy as possible and improve the reservation process for you. 

Here are some great New Trips that we added in 2012:

Caribbean Border Trail Adventure
Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica
6 days / 5 nights, regular rate $1,095
-- also Coast to Coast 16 day option available

Highlands Cattle & Horse Round Up in Ecuador
Highlands, Ecuador
9 days / 8 nights,
regular rate $1,695

Ile-de-France Ride to Versailles
Il-de-France, France
8 days / 7 nights,
regular rate $2,030

Colonial Villages and Haciendas Trail
Central Mexico, Mexico
8 days / 7 nights, regular rate $1,865

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Featured Rides

 Canada-Yukon-Yukon Wilderness Horseback Expedition

Yukon Wilderness Ride
Discover the treasure of the northern Canada landscapes on horseback as you climb majestic mountain ridges, splash across creeks and ride through the peaceful valleys. Witness the transformation of seasons in the colorful autumn landscapes of the Yukon Wilderness as the wildlife prepares for another long winter.

Canada-Yukon-Yukon Wilderness Horseback Expedition

Extraordinary Ride in Mexico
Mexico-Sierra Occidental-La Sierra Classic Cavalcade

Classic Cavalcade
- Mexico

One of the best rides anywhere will be discontinued. Only 1 trip date left - 2 spaces ONLY !
Ride with Pepe and Lucia around the beautiful landscapes of Valle de Bravo..
Only 2 spaces for Dec 2 to 9 .....

Mexico-Sierra Occidental-La Sierra Classic Cavalcade


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Leave your stressful life behind and explore a foreign place away from the tourist rush and off the beaten path - on Hidden Trails.
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Ciutadella de Menorca: The Festival of Sant Joan

by Hidden Trails 12/21/2010

Now that Hidden Trails has added a trip in Menorca, perhaps it is time to share a special Menorcan experience dating back to 2004: The Fest de Sant Joan.

The fiesta of Sant Joan is something that must be seen to be believed. Occurring in Ciutadella annually between June 20th – June 24th, this Menorcan party is full of bonfire, fireworks, music, dancing, and iconic Menorcan horses.

Celebrated around summer solstice, the shortest night of the year, the celebrations of Sant Joan have pagan origins and are mostly based on inherited rituals, practices and customs passed down from pre-Christian celebrations, although religious connections are unavoidable. As the shortest night of the year June 23 represents the triumph of light over dark and legend exists that the bonfires that burn through this night can cure skin diseases and clean both the body and soul. Not enjoying the first six months of the year? It’s even possible to change a bad year to a good one by jumping over the bonfire three times.

The first day sees a lamp being carried through the streets, as an official opening of the festival. After the man carrying the lamb – meant to represent John the Baptist – has left the streets, large bonfires are set (responsibly, of course) in the streets, where they burn throughout the night. The next day sees an afternoon parade of glorious Menorcan horses ridden through the plazas, and sometimes houses, of Ciutadella. At each plaza the horse is meant to bipedal as the crowd cheers, while brave/foolish (depending on your opinion or amount of gin in your system) souls often attempt to run beneath them. The last day of the fiesta sees a jousting competition, followed by a fireworks show that signals the end of the fiesta.

The fiesta takes over life in Ciutadella throughout these few days. During the festival the following things occur: store and café owners remove any pretense of ambience and customer service, instead placing wooden tables across their entrances with a price list for various sized servings of pomada – a tasty and dangerous mix of lemonade and locally made gin. Lunch at a restaurant encourages lots of champagne, opened via machete, of course. People of all ages run energetically through the streets, encourage horses to bipedal, attempt contact with the animals’ hearts, and dart through the complex cobble stone network of alleys. And you will probably be hit by a small sack of hazelnuts, but don’t be offended – it’s meant to be a sign of love.

But the horses, the beautiful, strong Menorcan horses. They seem to take it all in stride. No doubt after a few centuries they are used to this madness, but that doesn’t always make it safe. Over the years there have been many injuries, not without fatal results: a few years ago the mayor of Menorca lost his life to festival of Sant Joan.

Let this be a lesson: if you visit Menorca during this grand fiesta, be ready to eat, drink, merry it up, and stay safe. ¡Salud!