Hoof it to Health

by Hidden Trails 11/09/2010

The British Equestrian Federation has started a program; Hoof it to Health, to promote horseback riding among the UK’s citizens. The program’s aims include a campaign to get more people involved in equestrian sports following the London 2012 Olympics. Hoof it to Health states that horseback riding spurs many physical benefits in its participants, including:

-Improved balance and muscular strength
-Improved eye-hand coordination
-Increased range of motion in joints
-Improved respiration and circulation
-Improved coordination, faster reflexes and increased motor planning
-Stretching of tight or spastic muscles

They also note the socio-emotional benefits of horseback riding:

- Improved self-confidence
- Improved risk taking abilities
- Development of patience
- Emotional self-control and discipline
- Development of respect and care for animals

Any friend of Hidden Trails will know these benefits are in addition to general enjoyment, time spent outside, great way to meet new people and an excellent and eco-friendly mode of transportation! Can you list some other benefits of horseback riding?

For more information on Hoof it Health, and other studies and statistics about the benefits of equestrian sports, visit their website at http://www.hoof-in-town.com/health/index.php

Washington International Horse Show, October 26 - 31, 2010

by Hidden Trails 10/26/2010

Starting today, it's the Washington International Horse Show at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.! If you’re in the area stop by to check out all the events for children and adults. Running through Halloween, this show offers tons of happenings including Washington’s World of the Horse. Introduced in 2009, this special event runs for 60 minutes and features horses of all types performing a variety of exhibitions from show jumping to Western events, driving and lots more. Good luck to all the competitors!

More information on their website: http://www.wihs.org/index.php