Mounting and Dismounting

by Hidden Trails 04/08/2010

In most trips, you will be expected to be able to mount and dismount on your own.  A few key points to remember when mounting:

1)      Make sure you check that your girth/cinch is tight before swinging up. 

2)      Be sure you have good footing so you don’t chance slipping under your horse.

3)      Always mount from the left side, unless the location you are in makes it impossible. 

4)      Retain control of your horse when mounting.  Don’t let him walk away or step sideways.  Not only does this teach him bad manners but it is dangerous for you. 

5)      If you are on a hill, make sure your horse is on the downhill side. This will make it much easier for you to step up into the stirrup.  If available, use a box or step stool to mount from.  This is easier on your horse’s back because you don’t have to pull yourself up as much. 

Ensure you sit down gently once you swing your leg over.  Plopping down can make your horse’s back sore. 

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