Ride and train on Lipizzaner horses in Slovenia

by Hidden Trails 04/06/2008

The cradle of the Lipizzaner horse and place for holiday



The stud farm Lipica, the cradle of the Lipizzaner horse is a living cultural monument, which reflects the history of education and breading of this noble horse. Founded in 1580 is one of the oldest stud farms in the world.
The homestead of the stud farm Lipica stretches on 311 hectares of Karstic landscape between avenues, pastures and parks. With the naturally and culturally heritage is a large attraction so for riders as also for daily visitors. It is offering the daily guided tours of stud farm, on which professional guides introduce the historical development of Lipica and Lipizzaners, they can take a look at stables with noble horses and to the remaining cultural and building legacy on the property of Lipica; the castle complex with Velbanca and church, stables from 18. Century and collection of works of art internationally admitted painter Avgust ńĆernigoj.  

Of course the largest attraction remains the Lippizaners and the accompaniment of rider and horses when performing elegant steps and exercising the dressage riding. Visitors can take a look to the presentation of training of dressage riding and performance of Classical riding school so, because riders like to show their own work with horses to the public or visitors. For all lovers of riding, which would like to reward their knowledge and became aware of classical dressage, and in the same time discovering beauties of Karst Landscape, Lipica organizes the individual or group recreation and dressage courses of riding. In stud farm is taken care also for children, they can mount ponies, the property can also be seen with the riding in a carriage. 

With the many years tradition of rearing and breading the Lipizzaner and Karstic peacefulness is an ideal destination for daily visitors as also for more days’ visitors and holiday. For more days guests Lipica have two hotels. First is Hotel Maestoso, named after the famous line of Lipizzaner, which offers to the friends of Lippizaners, who needs the calmness of the Karstic country, comfortable and pleasant stay.  Hotel has a covered swimming pool, saunas, restaurant and casino. 

In the historical core lies Hotel Klub with pleasant rooms, sauna, fitness, restaurant and bar. Staying in both hotels is enriched with characteristically Karstic culinary art. In Lipica are also tennis playgrounds, mini golf and cycle tracks. Range of sophisticated Karstic landscape is ideal for shorter and longer walks.


The stud farm Lipica has, inside the range of pastures, meadow surfaces, avenues and groves, designed a net of different didactic and walking ways.

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