Going Green

by Hidden Trails 03/18/2009

Hidden Trails is "Going Green". We are trying hard to change our reservation system, so that we can reduce the paper handling by 50%.
Clients can log into their account any time to check their reservation status, invoice, print their travel document or voucher - from anywhere in the world -- even while already traveling. We will no longer send out the travel documentation by mail unless you specifically ask for it.
We are also contemplating to only print our brochures every two or three years instead of on a yearly basis (that alone would save a few trees). The decision on that has not been made yet, so your input is appreciated. With the ever changing times and with exchange rates going all over the place - it is no longer possible to set rates once a year when depending on foreign currencies. Our website is updated weekly or even daily (given you lower rates at the moment, than what was printed in the brochures for 2009). There is also much more information on the website than what we could ever publish in a print magazine. We will keep you updated.

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