Spruce Meadows

by Hidden Trails 06/19/2009
For horse lovers already visiting Alberta or anywhere else in Canada, the Spruce Meadows Masters in September is an internationally renowned showjumping tournament of the world's best equestrian athletes - two and four legged!

Come see the Olympic level talent from countries such as Britain, Ireland, USA, Germany, Brazil, France and of course Canada as they navigate commanding five foot tall fences and the most demanding combinations of obstacles.

Once you are done watching, you will be eager to get in the saddle yourself!

Try out Hidden Trails' Banff, Alberta horseback vacation either before or after the big event in Calgary-


Space available for both Sept 2nd - 7th OR Sept 9th - 16th of 2009!
Watch a world class event and then the experience the world class scenery of the Canadian Rockies!

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