Social Networking Sites

by Hidden Trails 07/27/2009
Do you have a facebook account, or perhaps Twitter? Do you use flickr or Equestrian Life? Have you been on our rides and have pictures or want to talk to other people who are interested in our trips or are already going on one of our trips?
We have accounts on all of the above Social Networking Sites, and would love for you to join us!
Find us on Facebook: Hidden Trails Equestrian Vacations -join our group and upload your photos from any of our trips (found on our website Hidden Trails), check out some of our specials, find out when we need more riders for specific dates/rides. Meet others who are interested in our trips, or people who have already gone on some of our trips.
Follow us on Twitter: hiddentrails - we give special offers, trip/date updates, etc
Come check us out on Flickr: hiddentrails2009 - we put up descriptions of our trips and this way you get a chance to see what some of our trips look like.
Do you use Equestrian Life?: find two of our employees on there: Lauren Sorel and Robyn Bartens. Add them as friends to find out some specials and extra info.
Don't forget: We are on YouTube as well: 4hiddentrails


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