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by Hidden Trails 10/16/2009
Top 8 Horse Travel Experiences...
Writer Katie Hammel picks her top 8 travel experiences for the avid equestrian who loves to ride worldwide!
The top honor goes to Riding with the Gauchos on the Pampas of Argentina!
Second place is given to the horse loving country of Mongolia!

She puts Riding the gaited horses of Iceland in third position.
Playing Cowboy on a Working Ranch in the USA comes in at number four.
Fifth place and a common favorite is The Palio Horse Race and Riding in Siena!
Sixth goes to Kentucky Horse Country - "Horse Capital of the World"

Seventh is watching the Lipizzanners Dance!
And finally, rounding out the field of eight is Indulging the Lawrence of Arabia Fanatsy in Jordan!

To read Katie Hammel's full article, Click Here!

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