Brochure Delayed

by Hidden Trails 03/19/2010

Blame it on the Flu ! Not sure how you are all doing, but everyone in the office has been hit by the Flu - and it is a Flu that really puts you out of commission for 2 to 3 weeks. I have been out for pretty much 10 days recently. Therefore our brochure that was supposed to be finished in March, will not be ready until sometime in April. Sorry about that !

On the other hand - if you have our 2009 brochure - there will be little new in the upcoming one. The 196 page Equestrian booklet (valid for 3 years- available in April), will not have actual rates and dates ... these are all updated on our website ... but will be more of a picture book. More pictures, less detailed text. If you need details - check out our website. There you will find detailed day to day itineraries, dates, rates, slide shows, videos, trip reports, travel stories and more.
There will also be $4.95 cost of the brochure (refundable with a booking) and a "Shipping and Handling Fee" ( $7 for inside the US and Canada and $12 for overseas) .

We will do a mail out as soon as the brochure is available and you can then order it online.
Don't forget - you can also print your own brochure from our website ! It is easy and fast ! Give it a try.

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