#1 Secret To A Fast Post-Workout Recovery - Drink this !

by Hidden Trails 03/24/2010

When it comes to maintaining energy, knowing what and when to eat is key. 
The journey to fast recovery starts with glycogen replacement within 30 minutes of a hard training session.
The addition of protein replaces glycogen stores better than carbohydrates alone and will help the body recover faster leaving you feeling great for tomorrow’s training session.
Try it: 3 Post-Workout Drinks to Reach For From  Fit for Trips

1.) 20 oz low-fat chocolate milk (all natural/organic ingredients for best choice)
68 grams of carbohydrate
21 grams of protein

2.) Two scoops Genr8 Vitargo  S2* + one scoop natural protein powder with water
70 grams carbohydrate
20 grams protein

3.) (One cup sliced strawberries, one cup grapes, one banana)* and one 14-oz. Muscle Milk® Light (ready to drink, RTD)
62 grams carbohydrate (62)
20 grams protein (19)

* If you are trying to lose body fat, you can cut the carbohydrate ingredients up to half.

When you are ready to train for your next adventure, use these re-fuelling tips and consider getting a Fit for Trips fitness program.

About Fit for Trips:
Fit for Trips has partnered with Hidden Trails to provide customized pre-departure fitness programs for active travelers wanting to be in optimal physical condition for their next adventure. For more information on trip-specific programs visit:  http://www.fitfortrips.com/hiddenTrails.aspx .

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