Surefire Tips for the Motivationally Impaired

by Hidden Trails 03/24/2010

One of the more toxic myths about exercise is that it has to be something you endure. Not true. Somewhere between the windowless gym and the mind-numbing routine, many of us have forgotten that staying fit should be FUN.
If enjoying yourself while you workout sounds like good advice, check out these surefire tips from our partner Fit for Trips to help you sustain enthusiasm and stay on the fitness track, no matter what.

“People often say motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing - that’s why we recommend it daily.” - Zig Ziglar

Play hooky
At least once a week, skip the dumbbells and exercise routine and go play soccer with the kids, take the bike for a spin, hit the tennis courts, dust off the sea kayak and put in for an evening paddle. Or gather up some friends and shoot hoops at the park like you did when you were a raucous teenager, but with the adult after-perk of a celebratory beer. And remember, fun doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Your kids will outrun you, outsmart you, and basically whip your, but you’ll be so busy laughing and wheezing you’ll barley notice.
Tune In
If sweating in silence isn’t your gig, crank up the iPod and travel the world with global music playlists from, listen to a Best Seller from, or prep for your trip with free language guides from
Meet Up
Tired of going solo? Meet other local fitness buffs, trade tips, find a workout/gym partner and stay motivated with like-minded friends at, the world’s largest network of local groups. With 3,197 groups, 422,022 members, in 986 cities across 24 countries Meetup for fitness is a no-brainer for connecting locally or globally.

About Fit for Trips:
Fit for Trips has partnered with Hidden Trails to provide customized pre-departure fitness programs for active travelers wanting to be in optimal physical condition for their next adventure. For more information on trip-specific programs visit: .

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