Chile Update 3

by Hidden Trails 03/30/2010

This is our last update after the strong earthquake experienced exactly a month ago. The country is quickly returning to normal, although the affected regions South of Santiago will take a bit longer to recover.
The airport in Santiago is again fully operational with only minor works still underway which have no impact on the operation.
Aftershocks have decreased considerably and travel throughout the country is once again being provided in a trouble free, reliable and safe environment. Several events and congresses are being held within the next few months which will help present a strong and positive image for the country.
All the main tourist areas and attractions are open with the exception of some areas of Chile’s wine region including much of the Colchagua Valley.
The government and private sector are making enormous efforts to bring help to the most affected areas.
So please be assured Chile is open for business and we are as always here to provide you with our very best service!!

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