by Hidden Trails 04/08/2010

Improper bridling habits can quickly teach a horse to shy away from the bridle when you attempt to put it on.  To prevent this, always remember:

1)      Fasten your (untied) halter around your horse’s neck when bridling and unbridling.  This allows you to remain in control of your horse. 

2)      Be gentle when putting the bit in your horse’s mouth.  Don’t try to push it in, instead using your thumb in the corner of his mouth (where there are no teeth), wait for him to open his mouth before you slide the bit in. 

3)      Handle your horse’s ears carefully, don’t grab them suddenly, and bend them through the bridle gently.  Be sure the headstall is sitting comfortably in the proper place.

4)      When you remove the bridle, slide the headstall over the horse’s ears and allow him to “spit out” the bit. Just pulling the headstall down will bump the horse’s teeth and make him head-shy.

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