by Hidden Trails 04/08/2010

Grooming your horse is an important part of your riding experience.  Not only does it clean your horse, reducing the chance of him getting a sore from the tack, it also gives you the opportunity to get to know your horse.  The following are basic steps to safely groom your horse. 

1)      You should have quick access to a curry comb, body brush and hoof pick.  You may also want to use a finishing brush and tail comb. 

2)      Curry any dirt from your horse, paying special attention to where the tack will sit.  Follow with a body brush to whisk away all the dirt and dust that has been lifted by the curry comb.  Be sure to check for any cuts, scrapes, or swelling and alert your guide to anything you find. 

3)      Pick your horse’s feet before and after your ride to ensure a rock or other object is not lodged in his shoe.  Check his shoes to be sure they are all nailed on tightly.  Watch that your feet are out of the way if your horse was to drop his foot unexpectedly. 

4)      If you have a tail comb, be sure you stand to the side while you brush out the knots.  This keeps you out of kicking range. 

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