Tourism Returns to Tunisia

by Hidden Trails 02/18/2011

With revolution fever gaining momentum across the Middle East, many are cancelling travel plans and waiting for calmer skies. Tunisia, however, carried out its revolution with a combination of passion and efficiency and tourism is once again returning to the country.

According to the Tunisian National Tourism Office, tour operators will resume flights and tours in the country beginning February 27. The UK and Ireland Director of the office, Anissa Ramoundi, says,  “During the last month Tunisia has experienced a period of political unrest and great change, however the situation has now calmed down, and we are pleased to see that the FCO has changed their advice accordingly. With free elections in sight and a more open and liberal government in the making Tunisians are now optimistic about the future”.

Last year the tourism in Tunisia grew unprecedentedly, with a 28% rise from 2009.

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