Riding in Mexico - You never know where life is going to lead you…

by Hidden Trails 12/14/2011

Story by Jenny

My adventures began when I first came to Rancho Mexicana on vacation through Hidden Trails. I owe Ryan and his team a big thank you for truly helping me find the perfect vacation and new lifestyle. I was a 4th year university student who had come to the ranch during my spring break.
At the University of Ottawa, I studied and graduated with my degree Nursing
Here is where, my life changed…
After I had finished writing my final set of exams, only 3 months after my last vacation, I could not wait any longer and had to come back to the ranch for a short vacation. I realized that I was going to be beginning my career and would not have much time to escape after this. The flight is nice and short and made it an easy getaway for me for a 4 nights 5 days. 
After my second visit to the ranch I could not imagine going back to Canada to live.
While I was here on vacation for the second time I was talking with the owner of the ranch, Uschi. Here she was explaining the new and upcoming upgrade to the ranch. I was fascinated in the progress since I was here three months before and had seen the changes already. Since I was so interested in the ranch Uschi jokingly said to me that I should stay here and work for her. I nonchalantly replied if she were serious I would be here in a heartbeat. At that moment we both looked at each other.  Serious or not… but here I am  and I am not regretting it.
A dream came true.

I have traveled many places around Mexico for example Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel.  There weather there was always hot and humid. Exactly what I thought I wanted when I was on vacation from the great Canadian winters. However when I came to the ranch that view changed, the weather is perfect here, we get the sun of the coast without the heat and the humidity. Also another added bonus about this area is that there are no bugs, any “bush” trail rider is in heaven!
The most important part is the riding, there is nowhere else that you can experience this type of riding. Well what can I say; when we say unlimited riding we mean it. I have been here for 6 months, I ride approximately 3 to 4 times a week and there are still new places that we are discovering to ride.
There are hundreds of reasons why I chose to stay in Mexico at the ranch; the people, culture, hospitality and of course the riding just to name a few. 
As mentioned above I have been here at the ranch for 7 months and I love everything about it. I am in charge of reservation and Guest Services and it is such a great job to attend to so many happy guests.

Here at Rancho Mexicana, I have found a true place that I can call home!



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December 2011 Newsletter

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