Zambezi Horse and Elephant Safari

by Hidden Trails 09/29/2007
Zambezi Safari on Horseback

I recently read Hidden Trails article about travelling in Zimbabwe. I went to Zimbabwe in September 2005 and had the best time of my life. Never did I feel like I was in danger. The safari pretty much stayed around the Victoria Falls area and there was a large number of security personal everywhere. More than once I was asked by the security personal if I was having fun and I what was I going to tell people back home about my trip to Zimbabwe. My response was that I was having the best time of my life and I am sincere in this statement, " Everyone should visit Zimbabwe". The Zimbabwe people are very sweet and kind hearted. They are very curious and very well educated. I have never been treated so well in my life as I was treated on this trip. This trip is a true adventure as you get to see a lot of wild life, we started in a 5 star lodge and then in some hunting camps in the bush, which were not really camps, they were more like a local bed and breakfast and one night we did actually camp along the Zambezi River in tents under the full moon. The staff waited on us hand and foot and even heated up the water for the "bush shower". What an experience! We took a two hour ride on an elephant and learned a lot about the preservation program in place for the elephants. Also did a side trip into Zambia to do the Gorge Swing. Similar to a bungy jump but the cord is not spongy. Another must do!

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