Choosing your first horseback holiday

by Ryan Schmidt [Hidden Trails] 06/09/2011

There are so many things to consider when going on holidays of all sorts but this applies none more closely than when choosing your first horseback adventure. To make your decision simpler, it’s important to figure out what you want to get out of your week or two away from the workplace. There are literally hundreds of destinations you can visit on horseback holidays, from riding through safari treks in Africa, to climbing mountain ranges in North America.

Establishing what you want to see, whether that be wildlife or stunning and unique landscapes, is simply vital for your holiday experience. Once you have decided on a destination, then the level of horseback riding is the next important factor to consider.If you’re relatively new to riding, you should opt for tours with similarly skilled riders, so you can improve at the same pace and over the same period of time. Everyone has to start somewhere, so there is little point in going for a trip that’s above your level during which you may find it difficult to keep up.
The more relaxed you are with your horse and the overall riding aspect of the holiday, the more you can take in and enjoy the beautiful settings you are bound to be riding through each day.Tours also offer other outdoor activities such as fishing, so you can even add other hobbies you may enjoy onto your horseback holiday experience. There is also usually a choice of accommodation on offer from horse riding companies, so keep your hotels preferences in mind when planning. The key to going on your first horseback adventure is planning. 

Once you have broken down what you want from your break away from the daily routine, you will be set for an experience you will never forget.

Call the experienced travel consultants at Hidden Trails to help you during your decision making process. They have a wealth of experience with equestrian travel all over the world.


Would You Rather?

by Hidden Trails 12/09/2010

Holiday season is upon us; stores are open well into the night, people are cramming into small spaces to get the best deals on the best presents and trees around the world are decorated with aplomb. But outside? It’s nasty. With over a week of rain just passed and ten more days on the way, one has to wonder – do I really want to stay home this year?

Would you rather spend the holidays at home, snuggled inside around a fire while the elements beautify (snow) or dull (rain) the nature outside or head to a hot and dry destination for unseasonable temperatures and suntans and trade in your sleigh for a surfboard?