Non-Rider Spouse & You

by Hidden Trails 09/04/2009
Only a few of us are lucky enough to share our passion of horses with the our significant other.
Granted we love and respect our partners very much - but sometimes we day-dream about what it would be like if they shared our love and appreciation for the equestrian sport.  Learning to balance our lives and relationships around our four-legged love affair can be tricky - here are a few articles tackling the how-to's of keeping life, with your non-rider spouse, a happy one!
The Non-Rider Spouse
Resolving Conflicts with Your Non-Horsey Partner
30 Ways to Balance Family & Friends with the Horse
Many of Hidden Trails 's equestrian vacations can accommodate your non-rider spouse with alternative activities while you get your riding in - don't think you have to leave them at home!  Enjoy a discounted rate for the non-riders, while you both enjoy a vacation away...together!

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