Holy Snow! It's Thanksgiving.

by Hidden Trails 11/26/2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of Hidden Trails’ American friends – we hope you had a great day with family eating yummy food and reflecting on what you're thankful for. Here's hoping all that delicious turkey will help keep up your strength for the madness of shopping today.

Up here in Vancouver people were not feeling so thankful, due to a strange weather pattern for the southwest coast of BC: snow! Snow that followed a week of temperatures below freezing – unheard of in the Lower Mainland. Usually we have very mild winters (read: lots of rain) but this year La Nina is letting us know that our time in the sun (so to speak) is over. With people so unprepared for the snow, it made a messy day for commuters and towing companies with scenes like this happening all over the place:

It seems La Nina has left us for now, bringing back our regular dose of warm(ish) temperatures and steady winter rain – but she’ll be coming back soon with more for us. For now, much of Vancouver is thankful to be back to normal; what are you thankful for?


Image via Les Bazso, PNG & Calgary Herald.

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